This program is a huge benefit to transitioning servicemembers as it takes us from start to finish through the world of how to be an umpire without any prior experience. It is a fantastic way for us to connect with another brother/sisterhood after the military, gain a relevant skillset and renewed passion for life after a career in the military. The ability to have all the equipment students need to umpire games immediately after graduating is the key to setting us up for success, and opening doors in the civilian community. 2/25/2019

Great organization. Gives lasting benefits to the veterans. 2/25/2019

The support, leadership, and family WWUA provides for veterans is like none other. The fact that the entire staff is highly organized, and professional in every aspect makes me feel comfortable entrusting them in any mental/physical capabilities that may arise for me personally. I love staff that runs this program, and I believe it has been a great transition from the Active Duty Service, to the civilian sector. Thank you very much for your support and above all, for this program WWUA. 2/25/2019

Not only does this program teach the necessary skills to become a confident umpire, but it gives our Vets a place to rekindle what they are missing when leaving the service. I will be forever grateful to The Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy organization. 2/25/2019

It is keeping our minds, bodies, and soles focused on positive and meaningful activities 2/25/2019

Great program overall, with great avenues towards helping current and former service members with life altering conditions. Through a sense of social and practical camaraderie. 2/25/2019

I have been umpiring for the last 6 years in little league and rec baseball/softball, I can't speak for anyone else but it was worth it tremendously for me to attend the WWUA. 2/25/201

Our service members and veterans have given so much to protect our American way of life and the freedoms that we hold so deeply to our hearts. It only shows America’s appreciation for what they’ve done by giving back to them in a way to where they reconnect in the local community and abroad. 2/25/2019

Even tho I am not currently working as an umpire, the opportunity that was giving to me to attend WWUA came at the right moment in my life. It was when I was getting ready to get out and I had a enormous amount of uncertainties about my next chapter in life. This set me into a deep depression that I even thought about ending it all, going out to the camp and being around so many positive people doing something physical and mental gave me the escape that I needed to get out of the depression I found myself in. It gave me a family away from family. 2/25/2019

That wounded warriors have volunteered to give their lives for the protection of this great country and all its citizens in it. The "donors" could return the favor and support those who made the decision to serve. 2/25/2019

I would say that their money that they are donating is going to help wounded veterans learn a new skill that gives them the opportunity to feel like they actually belong to something very important again. 2/25/2019

WWUA doesn’t see where you come from or what ethnicity you are. We unite as brothers and sisters of arms, Humans who have taken that oath to serve in the military, because of camps like this we can support and connect with each other. 2/25/2019

The money is worth it because whether or not we Umpire; the equipment/camps/extras will be utilized...meaning; because of the camps, I have grown a sense of confidence. I fell out from the WWUA for a year or 2 due to severe depression/suicidal ideation; but I am back and I have the confidence and faith that the WWUA will help bring me together with like Veterans....We leave the brother/sisterhood called the Military and feel empty, a sense of not belonging, a sense of no purpose; but the WWUA GIVES us Veterans that sense of belonging/that sense of purpose/that comradery. 2/25/2019

I can understand why this a very expensive endeavor however, I think the money is well spent... Also, to be provided with brand new equipment, not only do it makes you feel worthy but it gives you great confidence in yourself when umpiring.... 2/25/2019

This is more than camp or training. This is a way to give back to someone that has given himself/herself for their country. Once graduation is done they can give back to the community and be in charge of something greater than themselves again after recovering from there injuries that took them out in the first place. Self accomplishment and self pride. 2/25/2019

WWUA has helped many veterans, each dollar that's donated create an opportunity to help a veteran in need. 2/26/201

Every cent is put to good use. Equipment for this sport is very expensive and with your donations, we can equip new umpires for success. 2/26/2019

The equipment and training set me up for success, the tools I now have will allow me to go as far as I want to go 2/26/2019

This program has been proven to save veterans lives, it gives them something to do besides sitting around and just think about all the bad things that happen to them. It gets them out and doing something with their brothers and also gives them that opportunity to make that call just like when their in the military. 2/28/2019

There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that there are people out willing to help our Wounded Veterans. 3/2/2019

It is absolutely worth it to connect with other Veterans. It instructors do a great job and work really hard. They follow up and get us connected in our hometowns. 3/11/2019

This program gave me the tool to reconnect to my peers and tough me to be an umpire , I reconnect with the community and in the processes I make new friends and help me finically.Great Program 3/11/2019

If you love baseball, this is one of the best ways to show it. Putting people who fought for the United States and now protecting the integrity of its past time. 3/12/2019

It’s a small amount of money to help a veteran reconnect with their family and community. 3/12/2019

It's a great organization that has benefited the veteran, particularly wounded, ill, and injured veterans, in numerous ways. It teaches them a skill that they can (and many do) use during and after transitioning. WWUA also helps veterans connect with each other on a front other than the battlefield. Worthwhile investment into the lives of vets. 3/12/2019

Every donation is greatly appreciated by staff but even more so by the veterans to which they serve. Allowing the WWUA to continuously give back to the veteran community by providing a valuable skill through your monetary donations is what America is all about 3/12/2019

I myself would of never been able to continue umpiring after the academy if not for the gear the WWUA provided for me. Nor would i have been able to travel to the academy on my own expense. The academy allowed me to continue on with the sport, and gain a new passion i didnt know i had. 3/12/2019

Great organization for a great cause! 3/13/2019

It saved my soul. 3/13/2019

Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy 2019 survey

This year was really good with teaching, and helping others learn. Great group of staff. Really enjoyed there help and presence 6/26/2019

You all are great teachers, helped in any and every way just keep it up 6/26/2019

Keep doing the great work that you are doing. You are impacting lives. 6/26/2019

I feel like there was an adequate amount of staff and the staff was very diverse. By the end of the camp, I knew which expert to go to when I had a question. Staff was great. 6/26/2019

Thank you for your dedication to the cause and I hope to see you all again soon. 6/26/2019

They were all great and fun to be around 6/26/2019

Great staff. Great training 6/26/2019

Great staff, don't change. 6/26/2019

The staff was great and knowledgeable and there to show us exactly what we needed to learn 6/26/2019 12:06 PM

Keep up the great work and content to be inclusive to everyone. It was motivating to work with everyone, not based on ability but in willingness to learn and work hard to ones ability and to be praised for true accomplishments and not just because you felt obligated to praise someone.

This year was outstanding and i think that we bonded better this year then last year when I for the first time. I'm glad that I came again to refresh my skills and to see everyone again it's like a brotherhood that I'm glad to have. 6/27/2019

Great camp and awesome mentorship 6/27/2019

Great job. Lots of knowledge 6/28/2019

This was an exciting opportunity for me. The staff and instructors were professional and polite, which encouraged me to come out of my shell, making an enjoyable experience. 7/1/2019

Thank you, to all the staff. Each day my confidence grew, some days I feel like I was stuck in the tunnel, the headlights weren't working, because I had no clue what you guys were talking about, after multiple practice sessions, I was out of the tunnel, both headlights and low beam were working. 6/17/2018

Thanks for your support,you guys genuinely care 6/17/201

Best professional instruction I had, an absolute must return type camp 6/17/2018

Thank you so much for this week , it was outstanding and extremely motivation to apart of something bigger than myself 6/17/2018

Staff was awesome and very helpful. They were also very funny and easy to get along with 6/17/2018

Everyone did an amazing job and I’m so happy that I got to attend this year! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I learned so much from the staff and other students! I feel like I could definitely move further into high school games and even past that. 6/17/2018

Keep up the great work this is something that will enrich many lives, not because of the skills but net work just like the military. It would be nice to see some of our military sisters take advantage of the program. 6/18/2018

Thanks for the hard work and dedication! Tough week with the heat. But we made it 6/18/2018

Get out there and finds donations More importantly sponsors 6/18/2018

Keep it up....You serve a purpose that will be hard for anyone to turn down... Awesome!! 6/18/2018

Had an amazing last 10 days at WWUA and glad that I had the opportunity to go this year. Meet some outstanding mentors and made new friends that i can call brothers! 6/18/2018

I had to really think about something to improve because I enjoyed the entire camp. The first couple of days my head was overflowing but all the staff was patient and worked with us. I was able to get something valuable from most of the instructors that I could immediately incorporate into my game. The level of baseball knowledge the instructors had and their willingness to share it will benefit my future in the game of baseball. 6/18/2018

I don’t know where to start. I had no idea what I was getting into. Turns out I have a new brotherhood. 6/18/2018

All dedicated individuals. A pleasure to be around. 6/17/2017

I thought this was a classy operations. I believe your mission was achieved in loving on these students first and then make them umpires. I have been honored and humbled to serve these men and women. I am excited to see this grow into something great. 6/17/2017

Thank you all for your personal time and hard work, very informative. All instructor were easy to bond with and make a relationship. 6/17/2017

Me personally, I would like to say that I really appreciate this opportunity and I am forever to be apart of this brotherhood. 6/17/2017

Great opportunity to provide extended programs for our veterans. Keep up the great work and continue to grow. 6/17/2017

Great work learned alot. I appreciate everyones time and energy they put into this and into teaching me. Thank you!!!! 6/18/2017