Who Can Participate?

Recovering Service Members (RSM) who are either active duty or veteran status.

 We welcome any RSM who is struggling physically or mentally.  Any form of disability rating from the VA would normally qualify a veteran.  Active Duty personnel will need to disclose some basics of their injuries to qualify without violating HIPPA protections.  We primarily serve post 9/11 veterans, but we have made some exceptions to pre-9/11 veterans in the past.  We receive an overwhelming number of applications and have to prioritize the post 9/11 veterans with the highest disabilities first.

If you are not sure of your eligibility, please contact us as we truly review each case individually.

What to Expect

Our goal is to provide the entire camp experience free of charge to the qualified veteran.  If accepted, we will provide airfare, lodging, and a majority of the meals while attending camp.  We rely heavily on sponsors to help fund these specific activities.  Upon application, we will try to get you qualified with our sponsors.  If you do not meet their criteria, we will evaluate your application for a full or partial scholarship from the WWUA.  If we still are unable to provide funding, you may still receive an invitation from us, but the cost of the camp would be $1500 and transportation to and from the camp will be at your expense.  We also make special exceptions to those staff members who directly serve wounded warriors at any of the active units.

While attending camp, everyone is billeted two per room unless you have indicated a need for your own room (service dog, sleeping issues etc.).  Breakfast is provided by the hotel and we bring in lunch most days during training.  Part of the training will take place indoors while afternoon sessions are outside on a baseball field.  At the close of the afternoon, there is a two-hour break where we set up and provide dinner.  After dinner, we have a two-hour classroom session and end the day at 8:00pm.  There are some days where we may attend a baseball game, or other activity, so this schedule will vary.  After graduation, you will get the opportunity to put your skills to the test at live youth baseball games under close supervision.

We provide all the equipment, uniforms and materials necessary to begin a career as an umpire, so there is no need for you to bring any equipment or uniforms.  This is free of charge for all attendees.  If you already have some uniform items, you are welcome to bring them for use after graduation, however, each new student will be receiving the entire starter kit to include a bag to keep it all together.  Graduation is normally a casual event so no need for business attire, however, a collared shirt and pants or equivalent may be appropriate.

Our days are scheduled from start to finish and we need to know if you have any limitations to standing for prolonged periods of time, sun restrictions, or anything else which would inhibit your participation.  We are an adaptive training academy so please let us know how we can better serve you to make this the best experience possible without compromising your health.

After graduation, our staff will continue to work with you to integrate with your local community if you so desire.  We offer additional events for our Alumni for peer to peer support and to continue building your umpiring experience.  Once you are a member of the WWUA, you are a member for life with no dues.  Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  There is no pressure or requirement to continue umpiring to remain part of our organization.  We have had Alumni continue to be part of the program just for the peer to peer support, connections and team building.

Requirements for wheelchair lifts and ADA compliant vehicles will be provided if necessary.